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Underground female voices who deserve more attention from both genders

The world of music has seen any female faces, from the early beginnings of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, to Janis Joplin and Blondie, to the more contemporary Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. These women have made the mainstream spotlight and segmented themselves in our playlists and musical history.

Elle Magazine held a commemorative event for the third-year of the “Women in Music” celebration. Rising stars, and big-name personas came out to perform, but not perform rocking the red carpet.

However, what about the musically-inclined babes that we don’t hear on the radio, nor see featured in a music video? The one ones who don’t top the billboard charts even as a blip on the radar? This isn’t to say that by default, we all automatically dislike the ones who do, on account of their popularity. It’s just a pity that only a select recognize the greatness of some of the underground female voices. Even for those of you who hear female musican and cringe at the thought of an uber-feminist or Lillith Fair type, there’s good news. These women fall outside the conventional standards, this lending them a special appeal.

Here are seven female artists that you most likely have not heard of, who both guys and gals will find something to like. Or if you have heard of them, you’re just glad to hear another human being share their appreciation.

Android Lust-Shikhee

She’s masculine in a similar way to Trinity from “The Matrix” but it’s the way she masquerades as flesh-made being acting like a robot, that makes her a sell.

Die Form-Éliane P.

Her worldly sultriness may call to you, so long as you’re a little morbid and death obsessed.

Freezepop-Liz Enthusiasm or Justinne “Jussi” Gamache

Consumers of frozen snack treats and anybody who has played either the “Downhill Domination” or “Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3” video games will adore her.

Ayria-Jennifer Parkin

Fans of her previous work as part of the group Epsilon Minus will tell you she’s awesome, and she makes you want to get up and dance.

Helalyn Flowers– N0emi Aurora

If you were to take a woman who looked like some exotic, Italian sex-goddess supermodel and infused her with a cyberpunk style and contagious energy, this would be the end result.


Her ultra pouty look is beckoning enough, but anybody obsessed with the French will be put under her spell, especially if you dig 80s style and 8-bit graphics.

The Birthday Massacre-Chibi


If you have a soft spot for playfully devilish bombshells than look no further and be prepared for an overdose of sweetness and cuteness.

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