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How unlucky are we that these artists will no longer be making new music?

One might say “Thank God it’s Friday,” (T.G.I.F!), but anybody who is in the slightest bit superstititious has probably already noticed that today is “Friday the 13th.”

Blame it on Jason Voorhees. Blame it on the fear of the unlucky number 13.

There won’t be any endorsement here for fear of a date. After all, hard times can fall upon anyonem on any day, in any month of the year. It could happen to anyone, in any form. Like us, for instance, when we lose our favorite musicians. Whether they formally retire or just disappear, we all really hate when it happens.

So, in the name of this day celebrating (or running away from) bad luck, we shall pay tribute to those once-beloved bands who are no longer with us today.

Here are 13 former artists, whose departures could all be considered a “curse.” They are presented in descending order, based on the number of listeners on Last.FM


Members: John Balance, Peter Christopherson, Jim Thirlwell, Danny Hyde, Stephen Thrower, Drew McDowall, William Breeze, Thighpaulsandra, Ossian Brown
Years Active: 1982-2004
Genre(s): Industrial, Experimental
Listeners: 169, 112
Most Scrobbled Song: “Fire of the Mind”

Cabaret Voltaire

Members:Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, Chris Watson
Years Active: 1973-1994
Genre(s):Post-Punk, EBM
Listeners: 148, 686
Most Scrobbled Song: “Nag Nag Nag”


Members: Dean Garcia, Toni Halliday
Years Active: 1991-2005
Genre(s): Industrial, Electronica
Most Scrobbled Song: “Horror Head”

Throbbing Gristle

Members:Peter Christopherson, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Chris Carter, Genesis P-Orridge
Years Active: 1975-2010
Genre(s): Industrial, Avant-Garde
Listeners: 119, 346
Most Scrobbled Song: “20 Jazz Funk Greats”

Revolting Cocks

Members:Al Jourgensen, Luc Van Acker, Richard 23, Bill Rieflin, Paul Barker
Chris Connelly, Phildo Owen, Josh Bradford, Sin Quirin, Clayton Worbeck
Years Active:1985-2010
Genre(s):Post-Industrial, EBM
Listeners: 96, 531
Most Scrobbled Song: “Stainless Steel Providers”

Icon of Coil

Members:Andy LaPlegua, Sebastian Komor, Christian Lund
Years Active: 1997-2006
Genre(s):Electronic, Futurepop
Listeners: 79, 284
Most Scrobbled Song: “Shelter”

Machines of Loving Grave

Members:Scott Benzel, Stuart Kupers, Mike Fisher, Brad Kemp, David Suycott, Ray Riendeau, Tom Coffeen
Year Active: 1989-1997
Genre(s): Industrial-Rock, Grunge
Listeners: 60, 572
Most Scrobbled Song: “Golgotha Tenement Blues”

Sister Machine Gun

Members:Chris Kelly, Chris Randall, Miguel Turanzas, Guilherme Machado
Years Active:1990-2007
Genre(s):Industrial, Rock
Listeners: 59, 802
Most Scrobbled Song: “Burn”

Flesh Field

Members:Ian Ross, Wendy Yanko, Scott Tron, Matthias Ewald, Josh Creamer,
Rian Miller
Years Active: 1996-2011
Genre(s): Industrial, Electronic
Listeners: 51, 335
Most Scrobbled Song: “Voice of Dissent”

Evil’s Toy

Members: Volker Lutz, Christian “Léo” Leonhardt, Thorsten Brenda, Oliver Taranczewski
Years Active: 1992-2005
Genre(s): Futurepop, Synthpop
Listeners: 47, 283
Most Scrobbled Song: “Style”


Members: Graeme Revell, Neil Hill, Danny Rumour, David Virgin, Dominik Guerin, James Pinker, Karel van Bergan, John Murphy, Derek Thompson, Brian Williams, Sinan Leong, Jeff Bartolomei, Mary Bradfield-Taylor, Sam McNally,
Jan Thornton, Karina Hayes, Paul Charlier
Years Active: 1978-1988
Genre(s): Industrial, Experimental
Listeners:443, 824
Most Scrobbled Song: “Post-Mortem”


Members:Henrik Iversen, Vasi Vallis
Years Active: 2002-2005
Genre(s): Synthpop, Futurepop
Listeners: 43, 654
Most Scrobbled Song: “Memories”

Epsilon Minus

Members: Bogart Shwadchuck, Jennifer Parkin
Years Active: 2002-2005
Genre(s): Futurepop, Electronic
Listeners: 17, 902
Most Scrobbled Song: “Through”

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