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Workout DVD’s for the Healthy Goth

AmyAsphodel, The blogger who brings the web-surfing audience Stripy Tights and Dark Delights (formerly known as “The Ultimate Goth Guide”) frequently writes about fashion and the alternative lifestyle. However, she had a recent conversation with a friend and fitness-instructor in-training, who reminded her that the average adult requires 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a weekly. This prompted Amy to admit that she’s no gym bunny, and how the thing that most inspires her to workout is a smart-phone app that plays sounds which trick you into thinking zombies are chasing you.

Joking aside she has taken on what she calls the Batfit 2012 exercise challenge this year and she knows there are others out there like her, who cannot stand working out to bad 90s pop, or the tortuous screeching of the Pussy Cat Dolls. For those people, namely those gals, like herself, she has assembled a list of workout DVD’s for the healthy Goth.

Belly Dance for the Beautiful Freaks
Presenter: seasoned bellydancer Tempest
Features:Choreographies to be adapted for the club dancefloor and a Gothic Bellydance workshop, with the music of Collide, Skinny Puppy, Jill Tracy and Nox Arcana among others.

The Exotic Dance Workout with Lady Morrighan

Presenter:Lady Morrighan
Features: A risque program that you can do in heels, divided into three sections: Exotic Dance, Floor and Chair.

Now on the one hand, this does sound like a bit of a joke, but on the other, pretty much everybody could benefit from more exercise.
I guess whatever it takes, right?

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