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Spin the Vote to see the worlds of music and politics collide

Some rumor has it that the current younger generation is one of nonchalance and detachment, harboring feelings of apathy and indifference for the future. However, a few certain sources seem to think otherwise.

Spin the Vote is a new national voter registration program aimed particularly at music lovers and starting this summer they will have an opportunity to actively participate thanks to the Electronic music concert outfit, Insomniac, and the ever-popular ongoing advent, Rock the Vote.

Spin the Vote took off on March 17 during Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, California. A selection of volunteers registered the concert attendees who were present in person, and mobile voters were enabled an access code. Considering how tech-obssessed and plugged-in the youth culture is these days, this is literally a way empowering them at their fingertips. Staff members also distributed stickers and buttons, and chatted with the Electronic Dance music fans about just how large of an impact the 18-25 demographic will have on the November election.

The Insomniac sponsored events, The Electric Daisy Carnival , held in both New York and Las Vegas and Nocturnal Wonderland, will feature Spin the Vote booths this year.

House music headliners will also be called upon for their help in spreading the message this fall. They will be asked to blast voice and video messages from famous DJ’s to appeal to young voters all across the nation

Millennials compose roughly a quarter of the whole 2012 electorate group. For those who wish to have their voice heard, this is a major chance to step forward and take some sort of political action. Even for those of us who are a couple of years older or maybe more than that, it’s nice to see somebody is trying to teach grown-up kids to give a damn and urging them to secure a better future.

CBS News goes behind the scenes of Rock the Vote:

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