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Make electronic music that goes snap, crackle, and pop with FL Studio

Nick Tomarino, former member of the now-retired band, T4, has played the keyboard for over a decade with FL Studio by his side.

The Belgian company, Image-Line, developed the digital audio workstation, once known as Fruity Loops. The program , uses a graphical user interface and is modeled around a pattern-based music sequencer.
The name may sound funny to you, and it has nothing to do with the easily recognizable breakfast cereal. However, it has been a favorite of amateur music makers and hopeful up-and-coming musicians alike, who get their start at their own computer with a free, downloadable FL demo.

I have always been a metal head, but I have a special place in my heart for electronic music,” Tomarino says. “That’s why I play the keyboard and Fruity Loops is the only program I have ever used in my home studio.”

FL Studio has four different editions for Microsoft Windows: FL Studio Express, the Fruity Edition, the Producer Edition, and the Signature Bundle. There is also FL Studio Mobile, the version made available for the iPod, iPad, and the Touch.

The foundation has a wide number of native plugins and generators built in into the studio base , and if that were not enough, it accepts installations from a variety of third-party platforms. Some other options include synthesizers, virtual effects, and samplers.

The software also comes with a lifetime of free updates and has a low-learning curve. So, whether you want to make remixes and create anything that sounds professional or just to jam and experiment, most people find the sequencer is fun, and user-accessible.

Music producers, rock-stars, and junior DJ’s proudly upload videos of their FL creations on a daily basis, and a select few go so far as to post tutorials.
“Fruity Loops was there when I was looking for my doorway into electro music, even when I was simply playing and practicing and just playing around,” Tomarino says.

FL creations posted on Youtube:

FL Tutorial by TommyTechUSA:

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