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EBM is not dead or dying

Everybody thinks that catching a break in the music business means that you have got it made. After all, finding fame and fortune by singing your way to stardom is the glamorized portrait.
This is not so much a reality as it is a dream for most musicians, as few actually ever truly hit it big. It is even less likely an outcome for underground musicians, who are very often not anymore recognizeable from the average person on the street.

Sascha Mario Klein, the sole member of Neuroticfish, highly illustrates an aspect of this story perfectly.

Murray Miron, is a devoted fan of the Electro-Industrial niche music scene. He has a musical playlist so large that he could leave it playing for 8 days straight, and odds are nine of ten people may be able to point out one of the ten artists.

In 2003, Miron took a trip to Manhattan with some friends. He and his group found themselves a few blocks away from Penn Station and right around the corner from Downtime, the jazz club which turns into Albion Batcave on Saurday nights. The Batcave had not been on their agenda, but Neuroticfish happened to be playing that evening, and they were all interesting in seeing that show.

Miron genuinely enjoyed the performance, he really did. However, he had an awkward encounter following the show and after the club closed, that he has not quite been able to forget.

Once the club closed, people gathered on the street outside. Some were smoking and some were socializing and chit-chatting, while a couple were straggling down the steps in a drunken stupor and others were groping each other. Be that as it may, it was a fairly-sized crowd. That is, except for Sascha Mario Klein, who was leaning up against the garage right next-door, close enough to be within ear-shot, yet all by himself.

“He looked different close-up and he was definitely heavier-set than he looked on-stage,” Miron says. “Honestly, I could not tell it was him, and when I realized it and whispered it to my friend, she asked me if I was sure.”

Miron had been wondering why no one was talking to Klein or why he was still there all alone and loitering. That is until some guy who was standing nearby walked over to Klein, to strike up a conversation.

Klein was supposed to get a ride that had apparently not shown, and was not sure if he had enough money to pay for a cab. However, the guy was nice enough to give him some cash.

“He seemed like an extremely friendly and down-to-earth fellow. Although, there was something kind of sad and pathetic and heartbreaking about it, you know?” Miron says.

NeuroticFish retired in 2008 and Downtime retired Albion Batcave in 2007.

Perhaps Klein was trying to be ironic then, when he decided to call his website, EBM Is Dead . Nevertheless, while the scene may be small, EBM is not dying per say. It is more so that with the help of the Internet and the aid of technology, the nature of the scene is changing and shifting, and it has been for a while now.

Video for “They Are Coming To Take Me Away”:

Video for “Velocity”:

Video for “Suffocating Right”:

Video for “The Bomb”:

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