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Angelspit gives its fans their own app to iSpit on their mobile device

You would hardly know it from the band’s title, but Angelspit members, Zoog and Destroy X, are a charming and congenial couple from the land down under. Angelspit appeared on the scene in 2006 with their self-released studio debut album “Krankhaus.” The duo embraces all things futuristic and has always tried to remain close with their fans ever since; and now they have their own app to prove this.

Angelspit’s creative style and visual appearance is amped up, colorful and infused with attitude. Their cyber industrial music is aggressive, stomp-worthy, and frenzy-inducing. However, in spite of the image they project in their art and to the public, Zoog and Destroy X are said to be two of the sweetest, most humble people.

DJ Jezebel in Hell, met Zoog and Destroy X at a club in Albany a few years ago. They were playing as a headline act, and she was spinning on the dance floor for the evenining. “They really are infectiously fun to be around, and I really cannot resist how cute they are with the adorable Aussie accents,” Jezebel says.

Steve Rosia, a self-proclaimed new-waver and club-kid, got to meet the pair on that exact same tour. “If you were looking for me the whole evening, I was not on the dance floor; I was shooting the breeze with Zoog. He and his Destroy X rock,” Rosia says.

Angelspit just announced their new appeal to the electronic market, a free app that currently works on iPads and iPhones, with an Android version in the works. The app will send updates to your mobile device on the latest gigs, merchandise and competitions, as well as provide a news feed of news, photos, MP3s and videos.

The one issue some people may need to get past is the apps name, the “iSpit.” However, the user lest not forget just how very much Angelspit is in your face.

Get the iSpit app at the iTunes store.

For those unfamiliar with Angelspit, here is a brief taste test of what you can expect to encounter from their sound.

Music video for the song “Vena Cava”

Music Video for the song “100 Percent”

Or if you want to sample the personalities of Zoog and Destroy X, you can watch this Q-and-A they did for VampireFreaks.com

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