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Spiritual Front, the ‘Mafia Folk’ of Neofolk, have a new music video

It feels like the four members of the musical act, Spiritual Front , were taking forever working on their latest music video. However, the audience knew from a preview clip which popped up, that something was coming and it was coming soon.

The Italian band actually labels themselves as makers of Mafia-Folk music. This may be connected to their place of origin being the lovely country of Rome, but it could just as easily come out of their direct association with the folk genre.

Spiritual Front was born in 1999, as a project of the guitarist and singer, Simone “Hellvis” Salvatori. They don’t do old-fashioned Folk music, they do Neofolk. The Neofolk sound is almost impossible to define, but in the simplest of terms, it really is exactly what the name suggests; a conglomeration of other genres, including Martial Industrial and Darkwave, combined to create a breed of it’s own. It is the new folk.

The group is also fond of calling their work, “nihilist suicide pop”. This is yet another odd label that once again harkens back to their ethnic identity, as well as to the philosophies of Nietzche, and concepts seen in classic film-noir and the popular HBO series The Sopranos.

Regardless of how they are defined, they are an interesting bunch. After all this is the same act that did a cover version of Emilie Autumn’s ballad, “Thank God I’m Pretty,” a song with lyrics clearly written to be sung by a female.

In the recent months, the band has offered a teaser of the brand new video for their song, “Odete”, the third single taken of of their 2010 album, “Rotten Roma Casino.”

The video is a loose interpretation of a film of the same name from Portuguese director, Joao Pedro Rodriguez. You could watch a trailer for Rodriguez’s work right here below:

or you could watch the brand new Spiritual Front music video, which is now available online.

Spiritual Front is currently set for a European tour, which will take them through Finland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Italy, France, Ukraine and the Netherlands.
Nihilism and folk wisdom aside, that sounds as if there may be more out there for them, then just a big and empty nothingness.

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