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WTII Records brings on the music!

Chicago-based, independent label, WTII Records recently announced the launch of a free digital sample of their releases for 2011 and ’12. The digital album is set to be available via the company website, starting Feb. 10.

WTII is known for a vast array of musical styles, but their core focus is on Synthpop, Industrial, Ambient-Noise, Trip-Hop, Indie-Rock, Electro, and Electronic-based Pop.

Attrition, Beborn Beton, In Strict Confidence, Melotron, and The Gothsicles are of but a few of the artists signed up with the label.

Every song on this playlist is exclusive to the collection. The compilation includes a variety of tracks, with a few upcoming releases, in addition to a few demo mixes. Some of the featured artists are label-regulars, such as Trigger 10d, Stromkern, am.psych. Others are new inductees, like Dead on TV, Method Cell, Rein[Forced], SMP, and the Leæther Strip side project, Klutæ.

This has the potential to be an awesome assortment. If it turns out to be anywhere near as good as it’s expectations, then it will certainly be a must-have addition for any fans of the bands, the genres, and the WTII label.

Download your own copy here or check out the external links below.

WTII Records Facebook
WTII Records MySpace
WTII Records Twitter

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