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The eager may prepare for Infest!

The Klinik, Necro Facility, Dirty K, and SpaceBuoy are the first batch of musicians set to participate in the upcoming 14th annual Infest this summer in West Yorkshire

The event’s own website declares itself as ,“the premier festival of alternative electronic music,” and for genre enthusiasts it is a milestone not to be missed. This is perhaps especially so because both the Industrial and EBM movements originated in Europe in the 1970s and ’80s.

After much anticipation, the initial lineup of artists was finally announced to the public on Feb. 2.

The musical ceremony is held at the University of Bradford Students’ Union, in the U.K., and the gathering is scheduled to take place Aug. 24-26.

The Klinik is a ground-breaking Electronic band from Belgium and this appearance will mark their UK debut. Aside from an odd stage presence, they are known for a cold and desolate tone, which is conveyed through minimalist lyrics and a synthesized sound.

Necro Facility a product of two childhood friends, will also be making their debut. Together, the pair produces harrowing melodies, that are full of complexity and give a nod to ’80s flair.

Dirty K first arrived on the scene as an experimental studio project, playing noisy, pumped, industrial beats. The ambient drones and distorted mixes generated by their live act, recently got them signed to the German Hands label.

SpaceBuoy is an interesting and energetic creation. The duo has a futuristic, yet retro brand of Electronica, that is intertwined with uplifting harmonies and catchy vocals.

If this sounds at all appealing to you, take note that there is still most definitely more to come. The many fans on the lookout for updates can tell you that.

For more information go to: http://www.infestuk.com/

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